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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Fall, y'all!:)

2 months ago...we moved to Jackson. It has been quite a transition for the two of us being in a new city, new job, new school, new church, new everything. We are finally feeling a little bit more settled although the newness of everything is still there. Here are some pictures for you of our oh-so-humble abode!

Happy Fall, y'all :)


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Beautiful Saturday in September in Starkville

So far, this Labor Day weekend has been a wonderful one! Will and I packed our bags (and Millie's) Friday night, loaded up in the car, and headed to Starkville! After arriving, we met up with some of our sweet State friends, and we were able to catch up a little bit. The next morning, Will went to our favorite City Bagel and picked up some yummy breakfast for us to eat. Such a great start to a beautiful Saturday in September in Starkville! Later on, we met up with Will's parents and enjoyed a nice afternoon with family and friends tailgating in the Junction. The game last night was AMAZING! By far, one of the top five fun games that I have been to since my time at Mississippi State! So proud of the bulldogs, and am looking forward to cheering them on again this week against Auburn!