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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


hello, friends!

happy wednesday! half-way through the week and it feels so good! excited about memorial day weekend and looking forward to our dear friends john and rebekah harrelson coming to stay with us! rebekah and i were close college friends and i'm thankful for how our friendship has continued to grow through our post-college days and even through our busy married lives.

 here is the most recent picture of rebekah and i from this past super bulldog weekend in april.

moving on...over the past two weeks, i have completed my manager training and will has completed his first year of law school! woohooo! it has been a very hard year to say the least, but grateful to the Lord for getting us through it.

we celebrated with some of will's law school buddies and their wives that night!

i feel like i've been in law school too, but we made it!
bo's wife lane. it's been such a joy getting to know you this past year!
since law school has been over, will's honey-do list got a little longer! with summer here, i have wanted a few house "re-freshers" and will has been a very sweet husband to help me.

will planted these for me.

he hung this for me!

you are probably wondering what this funky-looking ball thing is... it is a cork orb {made from all different wine corks} that now hangs in our kitchen! i am so excited to say that i won it at a silent-auction at work, and i am also excited that i can change the plants out during the different seasons of the year.

stay tuned for another house "refresher" will has been working on for me over the past few weeks!

here's a sneak peak :)

hope y'all have a great day and survive this awful mississippi heat!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kentucky Derby

So as you all know, yesterday was the first Saturday of May. What you may not know is that the Kentucky Derby takes place every first Saturday of May each year.The only thing I've ever really known about the Kentucky Derby is that the men get dressed in their seersucker and ties while the women get dolled up in their dresses and big hats to go watch the horses race. Yesterday I learned that there is more to the Derby besides seersucker and big hats!

Derby Dates!

Will and I were invited to a Kentucky Derby party at the Hewitt's house. Will and Thomas are in law school together and Thomas has been going to the Kentucky Derby for the past 20 years. Because the Derby fell on the weekend between law school finals this year, he and his wife threw a Derby party instead!

The women wore fancy, big hats while the men dressed in their finest derby attire--suits and seersucker. People placed bets on the different racing horses and there were crushed ice mint juleps served just like at the Derby!

Celeste, Virginia, Lane, and Me

Big hats and big smiles!

The 1L's at the party

The Morgans with the Baxters

Needless to say, fun was had by all! Maybe one day I can talk Will into taking me to the "real" Derby? ;)