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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thankful for family

Woah, I almost forgot the address to our blog. Yes, it's been that long. Will and I are continuing to plunge through the everyday grind of work and school, but were very thankful to have a little break last week from our every day schedule to spend time with both of our families for Thanksgiving.

One of the first of many Christmas card attempts

Last Monday afternoon when I got off of work, Will picked me up and we headed South to his family in Laurel. We spent Monday and Tuesday night in Laurel and were glad to catch up on much needed family time.

Erin and me

Erin, me, and Anna
 Because we were not going to be with the Morgans on Thanksgiving Day, my mother-in-law wanted to have a nice steak dinner with everyone together.

And it was delicious. 

 After a sweet visit with Will's grandparents on Wednesday, Will and I headed down to my parents house in Hattiesburg.

Meet Lucy! This is my brother Ben's Irish Setter. She has red hair like Lucille Ball :)
Poppy, Mama Kat, and Sam 
The four siblings plus Sam :)
 It worked out so perfectly that my sister and her family could come down the same time Will and I could come. We try to coordinate our times home together so that one of us won't be at our in-laws house while the other one is home and vice-versa. 

*Side note* I must say that one of the hardest parts about being married is the holidays. Not that the holidays are hard, it's that the splitting of the holidays are hard. Will and I want to be with both of our families for everything and don't want to miss out on anything. We figured that while we are still young without children and because our parents only live 40 minutes away from each other, we can afford to go both places for the one holiday. It just requires a little more time on the road, but it's worth seeing both families! It will be more difficult the more our family grows. We will cross that bridge when it comes. {Do any of you feel this way, too!? }

Wednesday night, my mom made a yummy soup and we all just hung out being goofy {as usual.} We got up Thursday morning to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Then we attempted to take Christmas card pictures. *Note* It is very hard to take a picture with 8 people and a baby. Thankfully, we finally got a decent one of all of us.

Late Thursday morning, we headed  up to my grandparents camp in Desota, Mississippi. My dad's whole side of the family was there and it was great to see everyone!

Above is a picture of my cousin's little girl, Molly. Molly loves to bake in her miniature kitchen and this is one of her early Christmas presents. Isn't she cute? We asked her what she was going to bake us and she said, "bacon."

Hannah and Sam
Cousin Jenna and Sam
The gang
Needless to say, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family and eating lots of food. Will and I left my parents on Friday morning for me to come back to work Black Friday. I survived!

We also picked out our Christmas tree and I have been decorating the house for Christmas ever since. Pictures to come!

Hope all you readers had a fabulous Thanksgiving! Now we have Christmas to look forward to! Tis' the Season to REJOICE!